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Stepping Stone Four: The Community

“Relationships are essential to healing. The hardest place to exist during the divorce was in the community, yet in the community, I found my solution to healing. The way God uses people, specifically family and friends, to usher us into peace, is an art. The author of Galatians 6:2 says, “Carry… Read More

Stepping Stone Three: The Secret Place

“Conversation is required for a relationship to grow. For me, the word is synonymous with prayer and meditation. When praying, I’m talking to God; when meditating, I’m listening to God. When I do both, I’m engaging in conversation with God. Talking and listening to God is all we did before… Read More

The Beautiful Ashes Podcast: Introduction

Welcome to the Beautiful Ashes Podcast. We’re sitting down with authors Beth McGuire and Victor Fadool as they introduce and unpack the ideas of Beautiful Ashes and what it means to them and the lives around them. Read More