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Having walked through her own very painful, public divorce, Beth Shuey McGuire has a God-given desire to bring a message of hope and healing. She wants those who find themselves standing in the ashes of their past to trust that God will make them beautiful. In Beautiful Ashes, Beth, alongside her friend Victor Fadool, describes how God exchanged Beth’s shattered dreams for the beauty God originally designed for her life. Detailed in her story are the very ways God showed up as well as the precise steps she took to emerge triumphant. Her conviction and encouragement rest in the trust that God will do the same for you! If you’ve found yourself stuck and want a road map to freedom, you’ve found the right book. Walk with them on the stepping stones from Beth’s floor to her mission.

Stand firm in your ashes. God will make them beautiful.

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Ch 1

The Floor


“My story begins with me in the fetal position on the floor.”

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Ch 2

The Foundation